Membership includes the "Launch Your Course in 7-Days," 20+ Remarkable Resources & More Every Month. by Bloom Factor

Membership includes the "Launch Your Course in 7-Days," 20+ Remarkable Resources & More Every Month.

Access step-by-step guides, assets, tools, courseware and receive over-the-shoulder mentorship from one creative to another. Hello, I'm Michael Glock Ph.D., & I'm here for you. Even if you don't think you are digitally savvy, or a Podia/Wordpress guru or a clever copywriter that can write compelling copy, the PRIORITY PASS MEMBERSHIP will help you grow. You'll be guided to do it quickly and make an unsurpassed contribution to your bottom line.


Thank you, Michael!! Its been so eye-opening and wonderful to work with you and be coached by you. You really "know your stuff" as they say, and you have so many valuable strengths for entrepreneurs getting their businesses off the ground!!
Brooke Adams

Introducing 12 Months of Unlimited Membership...

Online courseware that finally helps you understand how it all works together so that you can be more effective plying your trade online.  

Discover and implement the right tools that get the job done simply and right. 

Be guided by a master, a pioneer in the digital landscape. Turbocharge your course building chops, learn how to build your course while you take this course. Easily learn to manage your new money making business.

Imagine what it would be like to...

-> Set yourself up for success in spite of the Coronavirus madness

Imagine experiencing total calm amongst the storm, and feeling zenny because you learned a new set of skills. You didn't just learn skills, you transformed your mindset and with it— you'll be able to easily attract new highly motivated customers and clients who want what you are offering. Taking my course means you now have a friend, a dedicated coach in your corner to show you the way.

Quit worrying about how to do it alone!

Finally get to focus on your core skills, if you are writing write, if you are coaching, coach, if you are teaching teach. Stop wasting money trying one tool after another or hiring designer after designer

You'll have more time and money in the bank to do the things that matter to you most...

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

Imagine what it would be like to... stop wasting money on hired guns each time you need to figure out a Wordpress issue or conceive a new ad, email, or landing page or email marketing sequence.

Enjoy having more money in the bank so that you can afford those high-end items you’ve been dreaming of. Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily. You CAN with the priority pass Membership.


Access all paid and free program available through the Priority Pass Membership and access Michael Glocks Priority help desk for answers you are looking for. Any additional services can be scheduled online and will be powered via Zoom.



Hello Michael,
Thank you for all your amazing work, support and patience....we appreciate you so much!!!  It does feel like we are stepping into full ownership more and we are so grateful for you empowering us so beautifully....long ways to go but still feels good to be this far 👍💜Thank you also for the Content Creator lead!  Helpful & inspiring.
Molly Rose