Supa Bunnee Adopts 20 Miniature Donkeys by Bloom Factor

Supa Bunnee Adopts 20 Miniature Donkeys

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Supa Bunnee Adopts 20 Miniature Donkeys.mp3
8 mins


  • Download Supa Bunnee stories onto any smart device, phone, tablet, netbook or computer. 
  • Engage your child by playfully discussing the reasons behind listening and the potential change and desired outcome.
  • Designate a daily time and safe, quiet place for your child to listen to Supa Bunnee; a period of 7 days (children love repetition), in a row is suggested. If necessary, take a 3-day break and then resume for another 7 days.
  • Have your child draw pictures of Supa Bunnee. (This creates an ideomotor response to Supa's stories and instructions which then cement in new habits).
  • Discuss the situation as new issues or questions surface.
  • Allow Supa Bunnee to become a family friend. You can have your child write letters to Supa Bunnee and she will respond. Click here for Supa's address >> 
  • Watch your child gain confidence, self-awareness, and positive behavior