Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep by Bloom Factor

Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep

Have your child listen to Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep at bedtime and watch your child go to sleep. In an entertaining manner Supa speaks directly to the child and entrains the child’s mind with delightfully sleepy stories. Each section is endowed with sleepytime prompts and sounds creating an endearing playfulness that continually suggests sleep and at the same time nourishing the imagination.


  • Download Supa Bunnee stories onto any smart device, phone, tablet, netbook or computer. 
  • Engage your child by playfully discussing the reasons behind listening and the potential change and desired outcome.
  • Designate a daily time and safe, quiet place for your child to listen to Supa Bunnee; a period of 7 days (children love repetition), in a row is suggested. If necessary, take a 3-day break and then resume for another 7 days.
  • Have your child draw pictures of Supa Bunnee. (This creates an ideomotor response to Supa's stories and instructions which then cement in new habits).
  • Discuss the situation as new issues or questions surface.
  • Allow Supa Bunnee to become a family friend. You can have your child write letters to Supa Bunnee and she will respond. Click here for Supa's address >> 
  • Watch your child gain confidence, self-awareness, and positive behavior