Normal people are making 6-figures each year, and you could be next! by Bloom Factor

Normal people are making 6-figures each year, and you could be next!

This course from Dr. Michael Glock will take you step-by-step into the world of creating your first course in Podia. You will be able to define your niche, write your first sales page, design your modules and lessons based on your student persona and build your course in Podia. We recommend you
start your own 14-Day Free Podia trial, and build your course while taking this course.

What's included?

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Day 1: Getting started with your course
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The Journal is designed as a companion to the book "Way Ahead Medicine Stories," by Michael Glock Ph.D.
Relax and give yourself a chance to succeed
Tips for navigating this course
Our goals for Day 1
7 Reasons to Create an eCourse
Now is the time. Better than any other time in history
Do some research, get inspired, sign up for some free courses.
What's my niche and who is your course for?
The Student Persona
Write the sales page first
Great Day 1 is nearly over.
Day 2: Outlining your first course
Our goals for Day 2
Review a sample outline for inspiration
Outline Inspiration: How to Creatively Play for Stressed Geeks
Podia has a great overview
Course outline worksheet.
Exercise: Start an outline
Exercise: Design an introductory module
Exercise: Design your core learning modules
Exercise: Design a concluding module
Take Action: Share Your Draft Outline
Love it? Share it!
Day 3: Content is king
Our goals for Day 3
Tour the world of online course content
How to create content your learners will love
Writing: General guidance
Writing: An example activity
Audio: General guidance
Audio: An example activity
Slidecasts and screencasts: General guidance
Video: General guidance
Video: An example activity
How do your students want to engage with your material?
What kinds of content are you most comfortable creating?
Day 4: Catalyzing your community of learners
Our goals for Day 4
Tour the world of online course community & peer learning
Online discussions
Partner and small-group activities
Direct instructor feedback
Live events: Teleseminars and webinars
Discuss: How will you incorporate community into your course?
Day 5: Sharing your work with the world
The single most effective way to complete your course
Step 1: Plan for Feedback
Step 2: Recruit Pilot Students
Step 3: Update and iterate your content
Step 4: Weekly check-ins
Step 5: Talk to people
Step 6: Launch! And thank your pilot students
How do I get all this great content online?
Take Action: Share your marketing and launch plan
Love it? Share it!
What did you take away from this course?
Day 6 Pre-Launch your course.
Prepare to Launch Checklist
Day 7: Take a break! And the next steps are...
Bonus: Pre-launching your online course and growing your email list